Viagra funny facts

It turns out that Viagra, the famous cure for male impotence can be an important assistant in the fight for the protection of rare animal species. Every year thousands of seals, reindeer, tigers, rhinos and even seahorses and sea cucumbers, give your life to be able healers, shamans and sorceresses to produce potions, ensuring success […]

Female Viagra now created

Australian scientists test new medicine that will help women to orgasm. Researchers from the University “Monash” in Melbourne claim that the nasal spray named Tefina increases sexual desire of any third wife. The preparation is a gel with testosterone, which is sprayed into the nose. After a few minutes testosterone is absorbed and acts from […]

2 in 1 Condom with Viagra

Australian┬áresearch team, funded by the “Bill and Melinda Gates,” working on putting condom, which abandons the latex to become a true “second skin,” said the magazine. “Sians is avnir.” Condom, which provides the necessary protection and everyone would like to use it? That is the goal towards which they seek Australian bioengineering. They develop erogenous […]

Viagra helps flowers

The pill, which helps in erection problems, prolong the life of cut flowers, scientists have discovered. One milligram is enough to keep the plants fresh a week more than usual. One tablet contains 50 milligrams, which scientists say could double room life. The pill contains a nitrogen oxide, which slows the withering of the plants. […]

Q&As about viagra

Viagra” Questions and Answers Q: What is “Viagra”? A: “Viagra” is a revolutionary new medication that is taken orally for the recovery of erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction. It works selectively on the penis. This is not a hormone or an aphrodisiac. Q: Is this drug safe? A: Yes, but absolute contraindication to […]

Why young people should not use Viagra

Professor Dr. Mitko Tsvetkov head of the department of urology at Alexandrovska Hospital at the Medical University – Sofia. Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Urology and is a national consultant transplant. He graduated in medicine in 1972 at the Medical University – Sofia. After graduation, he remained at work in the clinic of Urology […]

What causes infertility in men?

  – The reasons are different – starting from the fact that there may be no sperm production in the testes themselves and go as far as cornering of the spermatic cord (which we said that it is 90 cm long), one infection clogged roads and receives same thing for women called “blocked tubes.” Besides […]