What causes infertility in men?


– The reasons are different – starting from the fact that there may be no sperm production in the testes themselves and go as far as cornering of the spermatic cord (which we said that it is 90 cm long), one infection clogged roads and receives same thing for women called “blocked tubes.”

Besides such inflammatory problems, there may be, and morphological changes in spermatozoa themselves. There may be a change in the head, in the neck or in the tail of the sperm, which makes them abnormally shaped anatomically. Another problem is that the sperm may be slightly movable.

Basically sperm are very agile and mobile, and all dash in one direction. The fastest and most ambitious of them arriving first to the egg, were killed, while break the shell of the egg (it is 2-3 membranes). The second, third, fifth hundredth sperm die – they drilled the road. Finally, there is a relatively lazy and just he fertilizes the egg itself.

– Nowadays, besides pills and preparations are sold and many sex toys and stimulants. They somehow dangerous Are sexual health of men?

– We have not had complaints from patients for such products, but often have other cases – young men, athletes, soldiers, prisoners and other large closed groups of men, their implanted under the skin of the penis some plastic, silicone balls. They are not so harmful, because it is cleaved skin and peel away as walnut.

Worse, some inject paraffin along the entire length of the penis. Paraffin is an inert material and not biological. In it nor anything can grow nor heal. When the wax is inserted along the entire length of the penis can not be removed. It’s not like you dripped wax on her gown or robe – there can be superimposed a newspaper to nagreesh iron to spend on paper and wax will stick to the paper. But when injected into the penis, this is a very big problem. Men should know that in no case should not use paraffin in this way.

– If the treatment of erectile dysfunction does not work in older men, for example, you decide how the problem?

– Older men with erectile dysfunction, or if someone has undergone surgery on the prostate gland, can put the so-called. penoproteza. The principle of the prosthesis is as follows – they are placed in both the cavernous bodies along the penis are associated with the hose and rezervoarche in which there is a liquid. Dentures one time were such that you put them man so remains like it’s docked to the space. Now, they are made so as to be narrowed not only in length but also on thickness. Similarly and expand. There is a pump that is placed subcutaneously implanted in the fatty tissue to remove the man’s belly and is not visible.

It has two buttons. By pressing one button, tanks prostheses are filled and the amount increases not only forward, but sideways until gain the necessary form. When pressed another button, liquids go back and returned to the reservoir. The entire device cost from 3000 to 5000 euros. So far this is the best product. In Germany, a survey among partners of men who have put penoproteza and 85% of women responded that it is better to her than anything.

– What advice would you give to men for a long sexual health?

– The first place to lead a reasonable lifestyle in terms of eating, drinking and smoking (for other drugs not to mention). Second, reasonable sexual acts without excesses, because nowadays many people going to collect and combine in threes, in fours, etc, but this is not recommended. The other is when a man has a casual or temporary contacts, always use protective equipment to avoid the risk of infections. Because erectile dysfunction is one problem, which can cause infection, but the other is infertility, which is more frightening to me. It is important to know that erectile dysfunction, if not caused by an underlying disease of the body as thrombophlebitis, diabetes, etc., To be treated. Everything is treatable, but should at the very beginning to be addressed.

My other advice to men:

not to HEAL

always be treated only after they understand who is the causative

be treated together with his partner

continue treatment until everything is cleared

To prevent reinfection